Saturday, April 9, 2011

Live-blogging from Pogradec

I'm currently in Pogradec, Albania, (3:30 p.m. local time), and you won't believe the day I had.  (A great one involving lots of fawning and flattery.)  I won't be able to give details until later tonight or tomorrow because I need to be in Struga well before sundown.  

You can see that I'm near the bottom of the lake and Struga is at the top.  My taxi driver is waiting outside to take me there.  I'm not looking real forward to the ride considering it goes through a windy mountain road for large parts of it.  My driver will drop me at the Albanian border, then I'll walk across to Macedonia and get another ride to Struga.  From Struga I'll begin walking the 15km to Ohrid until my tired legs scream for mercy; then I'll hop another taxi "home" to the hostel.

If you're reading this today (Saturday), tune in tomorrow afternoon for the unbelievable details surrounding my lap around the lake.  Until then.